Milwaukee 48-40-1036 10 -inch x 40-Tooth and 60-Tooth Circular Saw Blades (2-Pack)

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The 10 -inch 2-pack item offers a 60-tooth fine finish blade as well as a 40-tooth general purpose blade. An anti-friction coating keeps the blade cool while cutting and resists corrosion and gumming. Laser cutting technology creates the blade from 100% sheet steel to ensure a stable blade that increases cutting accuracy. 10 -inch blades are ring tensioned to further stabilize the blade. Laser cut vibration slots minimize wobble and warping during use. A thin kerf design delivers faster cuts as well as more cuts per charge when using a cordless tool. The 60-tooth fine finish blades ATB tooth pattern minimizes tearout in the cut material.

  Great for use with: softwoods, hardwoods, malamine, MDF, veneered plywoods, wet lumber, treated lumber and laminated woods such as plywood, OSB, LVL, PSL, LSL and OSL

  Includes: (1) 60-tooth fine finish blade and (1) 40-tooth general purpose blade

  Anti-friction coating

  Laser cut from sheet steel

  Polymer filled vibration slots

  Cobalt infused tungsten carbide

  Thin kerf blade

  Optimized for both cordless and corded tools

  Blade tensioning ring

  General purpose blade: 40-tooth; 5/8 -inch arbor hole

  Fine finish blade: 60-tooth; 5/8 -inch arbor hole