ECS Annular Cutter/Core Bit 1/2" x 2" DOC x 3/4" Weldon Shank M2 High Speed Steel

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Annular cutter's or core bits allow for fast drilling of metals. Annular cutter's or core drill removes the material from the metal to create cylindrical holes in a circular cross section. An annular cutter, unlike drill bits, cuts only on the periphery of the hole to be made. Annular cutters use almost the same method as concrete core drills, but are for metal drilling. An annular cutter is a multipoint cutting tool and is made from material like high speed steel and tungsten carbide tips. Our annular cutter's are made affordable while still keeping our quality high. Our Annular cutter's are tested and inspected in our in house welding shop to make sure we provide our customers with the best economy brand.

Brand: ECS

Cut Diameter: 1/2"

Cutting Depth: 2"

Diameter: 0.5000"

Finish: Bright

Grade: M2

Material: High Speed Steel

Shank Style: Weldon

Shank Diameter: 3/4"

Product Weight: 0.18 lbs

Type: Annular Cutter

Applications: Annular multi tooth bit for cutting holes in steel.