Diablo Tools

Diablo is the industry leader of solution-oriented
Best in the World and Best for Our World
cutting tools, abrasives, and power tool accessories for trade professionals.
Known by the industry as “The Game Changers,” Diablo continues to change the market forever by providing superior solutions to the professional tradesman. Diablo’s innovation steps up the market, increases quality and improves performance.
Diablo is the only manufacturer of construction cutting tools and power tool accessories that produces its own MicroGrain Carbide with Titanium, called TiCo™, a high-density combination of Titanium and Cobalt, and a specialized ceramic metallic tooth blend, called Cermet II for stainless and mild steels. By producing its own Carbide and Cermet II, Diablo has the unique ability to formulate each tool for a specific application, thereby maximizing life and performance. Diablo has a specialized solution for every application and guarantees to provide unrivalled performance.

Diablo manufactures premium circular saw blades, reciprocating blades, SDS-Plus and SDS-Max hammer drill bits, oscillating multi-tool blades, jig saw blades, hole saws, self-feed bits, impact step bits, sanding discs, sheets, & belts, impact & rotary drill bits, bonded & diamond for metal and masonry cutting & grinding, screwdriving bits, router bits and Forstner bits, of which all are specifically designed to provide superior performance all while withstanding the most extreme conditions.
Diablo creates innovative, industry leading product designs unique to each application delivering the highest quality and longest life.
Diablo produces its own TiCo™ Hi-density Carbide & Cermet II to create specialized solutions designed for maximum durability and efficiency in wide-ranging applications.
Diablo is manufactured in the most sophisticated and technologically advanced facilities to provide the latest innovation in all Diablo products.
Diablo is certified quality control (ISO9001 Vision 2000) to ensure consistent results and maximum performance, all the time!